Ticket sales floor Toronto organizers, Expected to break North American records

By Dave Deibert, The Montreal Gazette

Ultimate Fighting Championship officials knew seats for UFC 129 in Toronto were going to be the hottest ticket in town. But what they saw Thursday left them nearly breathless.

“The response was overwhelming,” said UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright in an interview.

Tracking sales on Thursday as they happened, UFC officials saw that within the first 10 minutes they had to make more seats available. Within one hour, they were down to single seats. By the end of the work day, Wright said they were “north of (40,000)” tickets sold.

Wright was optimistic leading up to the on-sale date, but tried to stay realistic. He said he was simply hoping ticket sales the first day for the much-anticipated April 30 UFC debut in Toronto would go “really well.”

“Frankly, we’re doing even better than really well,” he added. “What a day.”

When demand is so high for an event, it’s goes without saying that some of the tickets will wind up in the hands of secondary sellers.

“I’d be lying if I said no scalpers got tickets,” Wright acknowledged.

But, he said, the company did all it could to keep those numbers down, including limiting the number of tickets one person could buy.


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