“Bigfoot” A Myth No More: Antonio Silva Emerges As Elite Level HW

By Elton Hobson

For years, people the world over have tried to prove the existence of Bigfoot. That mythical man-monster, a grizzly bear on steroids with a Tiger Woods-level of press shyness. I guess conspiracy buffs will just have to wait until Mrs. Bigfoot catches the big guy sleeping around and tried to beat his two-timing ass with a nine iron.

What, too soon?

MMA has it’s own Bigfoot, and after last night there should be no doubt that not only is he real, but he’s coming for the sport’s best.

In front of a roudy, heavily Russian crowd at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva faced the toughest test of his career. It stood across the cage, certain of victory, as was his legion of fans. That’s because MMA has it’s own mythical beast and his name is Fedor Emelianenko.

Ok, so the invincible monster looked a little less invincible after that 1 minute, 9 second submission loss to Fabrico Werdum’s taint odor. Still, one loss didn’t diminish the decade of dominance Fedor Emelianenko brought to the table in this fight. Nor, for that matter, should two losses diminish it now, but that’s a debate for another time.

Fedor was the heavy favourite going into the fight. And really, it was only the Werdum loss that put doubt in the minds of bookies (and Fedor fans). Take away that loss, or pretend Fedor fought Bigfoot instead of Wedrum in his Strikeforce debut. The odds on that fight would be ridiculously long – like GSP-Matt Serra 1 of the Heavyweight division.


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