Evgeni Kogan of M-1 Global calls out Dana White on twitter calling him a p****.

By EvilMaster

This twitter war is funny to watch, on one hand, we have Dana White ripping up M-1 Global and Strikeforce and Fedor and the fans and anybody else that dares get in his way tonight.  You can read about what Dana said here.  It’s some pretty funny stuff, that Dana is one excellent shit talker.

But now, we have Evgeni Kogan, M-1 Global‘s Director of Operations  responding to Dana by tweeting him the following message..

@danawhite easy to be a prick tweeting on your phone, isn’t it? Come see us and say it to Vadim’s face – we’re in ‘Jersey, coward.”

Interestingly enough, right after Evgeni sent this message, Dana signed out for the night. 🙂

Is Dana Tucking??….Or is he on his way to Jersey??….Are Dana and Joe Rogan racing to Jersey in one of Dana’s custom cars to kick the shit out of a nerdy M-1 Global director of operations??

I dunno…Stay tuned.

– Evil


2 Responses

  1. there will never be anyone like fedor what dont you guys gettt??! he is the greastest fighter to ever live!
    fuck your rankings

    • You are correct. Fedor was a one of kind fighter. I doubt we will ever see another fighter go on a winning streak like he did. He will forever go down as the best mixed martial arts fighter of all time. Nothing can change that.

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