Kenny Florian confident about making cut to UFC 145 division

By John Buhl

Kenny Florian (13-5) has fought for the UFC lightweight title on two occasions, but after a knee injury forced him to pull out of a Jan. 22 bout against fellow contender Evan Dunham, he eventually decided to make the drop to featherweight.

He has his sights set on a showdown with 145-pound champion Jose Aldo, who turned down a fight with Florian at 155 when it looked as if Aldo might’ve cleared through the featherweight class. Florian told about his reasons for making the cut and also explained that he’s confident he’ll make weight but doesn’t plan on doing a test cut.

“I haven’t done a test cut and I don’t plan on doing one,” Florian said. “I’m pretty confident I’m going to make it.

“I didn’t really think about [changing weight classes] until the fight against Aldo was proposed at 155 and Jose didn’t take the fight. But I started thinking about it and people were telling me I could be able to get down to 145. I spoke to a few nutritionists that confirmed it and then made my decision based on that.”

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