Vadim and Coker not convinced Fedor is done

By John Buhl

Although MMA great Fedor Emelianenko hinted that his loss tonight to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva could serve as the last fight of his career, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker and Fedor’s manager Vadim Finkelstein still think the Russian legend has more fight left in him.

“I think that it’s very unfortunate the doctor stopped the fight after the second round,” Finkelstein said through interpreter Evgeni Kogan. Finkelstein added that it appeared Fedor won the first round and Silva took the second, and we don’t know what would’ve happened if the fight had continued into the third.

“Vadim does not think that it was a clear cut loss,” Kogan said. “Because of that Vadim thinks that we will see Fedor return.”

When Kogan was asked to describe Fedor’s locker room after the fight, he responded, “The atmosphere…was actually pretty quiet; basically there wasn’t much said.” Emelianenko had to bypass the post-fight press conference to go to the hospital and ensure he had not suffered a broken orbital bone.

Finkelstein acknowledged that the stoppage was the correct decision to ensure Fedor’s safety.

“I think that he’s so full of strength and that he will continue,” Finkelstein said of Fedor, though he emphasized that it would be Emelianenko’s decision alone to decide whether to keep fighting.

As for Coker, he said that he also suspects Fedor will take a hard look at his next steps.

“I, like Vadim, do not believe his career is over,” Coker said. “I think he needs to go heal up and he’ll be back.”


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