Pat “HD” Barry Responds To Joey Beltran’s Claim Of Victory And The Personal Significance Of Fighting For The Troops

By Pedro Carrasco

After my interview with Joey Beltran (if you missed it click here), where “The Mexicutioner” shared with us that he thought he beat Barry in their “Fight for the Troops 2” main card bout. Pat Barry reached out to me, wanting to share his side of the story and let our readers know some key points about some of the items brought up following his fight.

He started off with his analysis of the fight and how he saw it taking place.

“A win always means a lot. Also, finding out that I can do 15 minutes because I’ve never fought that long before was a big victory, you know? Being able to prevent going to the ground, being able to wrestle–to counter-wrestle…his wrestling–his offensive wrestling against the cage was great.

To stick to the game plan that I came into the fight in mind with was great…even when it seemed like things were going wrong, to be able to stay disciplined enough to stick to the game plan is an accomplishment for myself.

The first round started off kind of slow. We both had game plans. Joey Beltran didn’t want to stand in the center of the octagon with me where I was statistically the better fighter, and I didn’t want to be against the cage with him, where he is statistically the better fighter. The chances of me winning in the center were a lot higher, the chances of him winning against the cage were a lot higher.

I didn’t want to go to him, and he didn’t want to come to me. That’s how the fight went. The first round started, we touched gloves. (Joey Beltran) always walks straight at people. Joey Beltran touched my gloves and walked backwards. That was a big shock. I was ready–as soon as we touch gloves, we’re going to start swinging. We touch gloves and he steps backwards. He didn’t come into my trap, he didn’t come into my zone, and he didn’t come into my world. He walked backwards. So I had to go to him.

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More Pacman-Mosley NYC presser

Photos: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

Global superstar and Philippine Congressman Manny Pacquiao and three-division world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley continued their U.S. media tour on Valentine’s Day in New York on Monday at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers – Pier 61 with another open to the public news conference. Boxing fans got an up close and personal look at their favorites with some Pacquiao fans showing their support by waving Philippine flags while Mosley was also greeted by his share of loyal supporters.

The coast to coast media tour kicked off last Thursday in Beverly Hills and stopped over in Las Vegas on Saturday. Pacquiao and Mosley will battle for the WBO welterweight world title on May 7 on SHOWTIME PPV®.

On Monday, Pacquiao presented a Valentine’s Day cake to his wife Jinkee from the show “The Cake Boss’ on TLC and the two shared a kiss in public. Amon those speaking at the press conference were Ken Hershman, Executive Vice President and General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports and Matt Blank, Chairman and CEO of SHOWTIME Networks Inc.

Pacman then caught a train en route to Washington D.C.

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Rashad Evans reveals he was more than happy to step in against “Rampage” on May 28th in Las Vegas

By Michael Pepper

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans has today revealed that he was more than ready to step into the octagon for a second time with bitter rival, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 130 on May 28th until the promotion decided to pull the plug.

Speaking via, Evans said:

“I wanted it. I was gonna do it for May. When I heard Thiago (Silva) was out I was like ‘Alright, I’ll fight Rampage again,’ but then they put Matt Hamill in there. They didn’t want to put that fight together for whatever reason. I would have found a way. I woulda gave it a go. I’ve been doing some pretty aggressive treatment on my knee and I was thinkin’ I was gonna be ready.”

As MMABay revealed earlier today, Jackson is set to sign his half of the bout agreements any day now for a bout with Matt Hamill after the promotion made it clear that this was the main fight on the table for him at this time. Stay tuned to MMABay in the coming days for more on this situation as it develops.



Gabe Ruediger Released by the UFC, Contemplating Move to 145lbs

By Damon Martin

Back-to-back losses in the UFC’s rapidly thinning lightweight division is tough to overcome, and so with that Gabe Ruediger was released from the promotion recently.

Sources close to the fighter confirmed the release to on Monday.

Ruediger went 0-2 during his return stint to the UFC, with losses to Joe Lauzon and Paul Taylor.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” cast member had picked up six wins in a row to earn his way back into the UFC, but suffered a couple of tough losses upon his return.

While his release does mean Ruediger’s next fight won’t be in the UFC, it doesn’t mean he’s deterred from returning. The California based fighter is currently contemplating a potential move to featherweight after having very little weight to cut before his last bout at 155lbs.

No official move has been decided, but Ruediger may decide to try the weight class out in the future.

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UFC site coordinator Burt Watson: “I like it when it’s wacky, baby. It’s what we do.”

By Derek Bolender

If you’ve ever attended a live UFC event or other pre-fight activities, you may recognize the man – but may not know his name.

He’s most visible at the official weigh-ins. He’s the first man on stage revving up the crowd before UFC commentator Joe Rogan grabs the microphone to introduce the UFC management, octagon girls, and shortly thereafter, the fighters.

He’s Burt Watson – UFC site coordinator, part-time hype man, part-time counselor, part-time disciplinarian, jack of all trades. Despite a laundry list of responsibilities, his main focus centers on monitoring the weight of fighters throughout any given fight week to ensure they are able to compete.

“Making weight is a part of what we do,” Watson recently told Radio ( “It’s what these guys know they need to do. It’s disrespectful if they don’t. It shows me they’re not trying.

“We’re going to do what we need to do for them to get in that octagon because there’s a lot of ass kicking in that octagon. At the same time, we’re setting standards they need to go by to be the professional that they are when they make it to this level in the game.”

For a Saturday night event, fighters typically arrive in town on a Monday or Tuesday. This is when Watson, who first joined the company in 2001 at UFC 31, and his team spring into action.


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Fitch says 24/7 focus on Penn will pay off

By The Canadian Press

Jon Fitch has been riveted on B.J. (The Prodigy) Penn 24/7 leading up to UFC 127.

“I wake up thinking about B.J.,” Fitch said. “I go to sleep at night . . . thinking about fighting B.J. “Sometimes when I’m asleep, I’m still thinking about fighting B.J.”

The two welterweights meet Feb. 27 in the main event of UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia. Fitch’s single-minded approach only makes sense when your opponent is a former lightweight and welterweight title-holder who smashed former champion Matt Hughes in 21 seconds last time out. But Fitch (25-3 with one no contest) sees that focus as a key to avoiding past distractions on the road to success.

Fitch has rarely tasted failure in the cage, but the 32-year-old has not always agreed with the welterweight pecking order. Fitch is 13-1 in the UFC — the lone loss was to champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 87 in August 2008 — and has won 21 of his last 22 fights dating back to 2003.

“All I can do is worry about the fight in front of me,” he said when asked if he had felt left out in the cold after the GSP loss. “I can’t stress or fret about things I don’t really have control over.

“And what I do have control over is this fight with B.J. Penn so my focus is 100 per cent on him and putting on the absolutely best fight I possibly can for the fans and hopefully bring some cheer to the Australian fans because they’ve been going through some tough times with a lot of the natural disasters that have been going on the past few weeks there.”

The UFC hopes to help survivors of the recent flooding and cyclone in Australia with some charity auctions. In a sport that rewards sudden, violent finishes, Fitch has suffered for grinding out a string of decisions. He has won five straight decision since the GSP loss, most recently dominating Thiago Alves at UFC 117 last August.

Asked if winning by decision is not enough these days, Fitch opens a window on his inner workings.

“You know it’s hard to say and that’s exactly why I’ve put so much focus on just B.J. right now,” he said. “I think in the past maybe I’ve thought about too many things other than just the fight right in front of me. And maybe that’s part of the reason why I haven’t finished the last few fights, so that’s another reason why I haven’t really thought of anything other than just fighting B.J.”


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Forrest Griffin Shows Maturity Against Franklin, Primed For Another Title Run

By Donald Lappe

UFC 126 provided us with a highlight reel knockout by Anderson Silva and a submission win by Jon Jones that earned him a title shot against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, but one of the biggest developments from the card has been somewhat overlooked—the maturation of Forrest Griffin as a fighter.

Griffin, of “The Ultimate Fighter” fame, has endeared himself to fans with his brawling style and immense heart that fueled a title run. After losing his title to Rashad Evans, Griffin lost to the aforementioned Silva by first-round knockout. Three months later he avenged his previous loss to Tito Ortiz, but was forced to pull out of a scheduled fight with Antonio Rogerio Nogueira due to a shoulder injury in 2010.

The injury contributed to over a year of inactivity, and many observers began to view Griffin much differently than his resume suggested. A win over Tito Ortiz and a loss to Anderson Silva removed from a title fight, he became considered a gatekeeper instead of a real contender for the Light Heavyweight title.


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