Ex-UFC welterweight Jeremy Jackson gets 25-years-to-life sentence

By Steven Marrocco

A Ventura County, Calif. judge today sentenced ex-UFC welterweight and “The Ultimate Fighter 4” cast member Jeremy Jackson to 25 years to life for sexual assault.

Jackson, 28, pleaded guilty in 2010 to charges that he raped his ex-girlfriend during an attempted burglary.

He was arrested in June 2008 and charged with seven felony offenses, including two counts of forcible rape. He has sat in a Ventura County jail since his arrest.

According to a report issued today by the “Ventura County Star,” Jackson pleaded guilty to the charges against the advice of his lawyers following a three-week trial.

“He just got broken down,” Jackson lawyer Russell Baker told the newspaper.

The Ventura County Star report added that a female juror asked to make a statement during sentencing but was denied by the judge. Afterward, the juror told the newspaper that she feels Jackson is innocent and pleaded guilty only out of a desire to end the trial.

“I really felt the defendant was innocent,” she said.

Ventura county prosecutor Thomas Dunlevy said Jackson could have faced a sentence of 60 years to life and said there was ample evidence to convict him of his crimes, including surveillance footage and a recorded call between Jackson and his ex-girlfriend in which the fighter admits to planning the attack.


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