needs some assistance. So lets assist then…

By Zach Arnold

How to help me help you out as an MMA supporter

I want to thank everyone for their support this year as far as reading Fight Opinion and supporting me in various ways. You don’t know how much I really appreciate it. In an era where everyone is going for more volume and less substance, I’ve tried to find a balance (I am only one person, after all) and keep it somewhat interesting. Plus, I’ve done more transcriptions, which I think has been a good addition to the site’s content base.

We’re not backed by money marks or promoters or agents. I’ve never taken a payoff from anyone to push an agenda. Hence, I pay for site costs out of pocket. I have maintained this site for a long time and I will continue to do so. However, site costs are growing.

If you would like to contribute and help out our cause, click here and donate some money via PayPal. I don’t have any fancy fund-raising gifts to hand out for each contribution, but I will personally thank you if you do send some cash to help cover our costs. If you believe in solid MMA writing, you’ve come to the right place.

We also try our best to help promote other writers on other sites and write on MMA-related topics that perhaps other sites don’t have the time or focus to deal with. Help me to help you out as an MMA supporter.

Thank you for your ongoing support!.

Contribute money via PayPal to Fight Opinion


Dig deep boys, Zach has produced quality MMA journalism for a long time. He was even around when I had my first blog. And he’s still there working away. So, let’s show some support for one of the good guys.



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