Henderson, Lindland fall out, lawsuit over rights to Team Quest

By Fighters Only

Elsewhere in today’s news items we look at Fedor’s weekend loss as being the end of an era and while that earned world attention on Saturday night, down in Oregon another era was ending at the same time, though with less attention.

Sources say the Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland are set to do battle in a courtroom over the rights to the name Team Quest, which for years has been the banner under which they fought. Team Quest is also home to Chael Sonnen and was once the home of Randy Couture as well.

Why Henderson and Lindland have fallen out is unclear but presumably money is at the root of it. Henderson was the original owner of Team Quest but Lindland invested in the company and owns a percentage of it.

Lindland owns the Team Quest facility in Oregon where he and Chael Sonnen train, while Henderson owns the ‘HQ’ located in Temecula, California. There are two other satellite branches of Team Quest in the US, one of which is owned by Thierry Sokoudjou.

The fall-out is another blow for the team, which has had its share of troubles recently.

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