Pat “HD” Barry Responds To Joey Beltran’s Claim Of Victory And The Personal Significance Of Fighting For The Troops

By Pedro Carrasco

After my interview with Joey Beltran (if you missed it click here), where “The Mexicutioner” shared with us that he thought he beat Barry in their “Fight for the Troops 2” main card bout. Pat Barry reached out to me, wanting to share his side of the story and let our readers know some key points about some of the items brought up following his fight.

He started off with his analysis of the fight and how he saw it taking place.

“A win always means a lot. Also, finding out that I can do 15 minutes because I’ve never fought that long before was a big victory, you know? Being able to prevent going to the ground, being able to wrestle–to counter-wrestle…his wrestling–his offensive wrestling against the cage was great.

To stick to the game plan that I came into the fight in mind with was great…even when it seemed like things were going wrong, to be able to stay disciplined enough to stick to the game plan is an accomplishment for myself.

The first round started off kind of slow. We both had game plans. Joey Beltran didn’t want to stand in the center of the octagon with me where I was statistically the better fighter, and I didn’t want to be against the cage with him, where he is statistically the better fighter. The chances of me winning in the center were a lot higher, the chances of him winning against the cage were a lot higher.

I didn’t want to go to him, and he didn’t want to come to me. That’s how the fight went. The first round started, we touched gloves. (Joey Beltran) always walks straight at people. Joey Beltran touched my gloves and walked backwards. That was a big shock. I was ready–as soon as we touch gloves, we’re going to start swinging. We touch gloves and he steps backwards. He didn’t come into my trap, he didn’t come into my zone, and he didn’t come into my world. He walked backwards. So I had to go to him.

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