Rashad Evans reveals he was more than happy to step in against “Rampage” on May 28th in Las Vegas

By Michael Pepper

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans has today revealed that he was more than ready to step into the octagon for a second time with bitter rival, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 130 on May 28th until the promotion decided to pull the plug.

Speaking via MMAMania.com, Evans said:

“I wanted it. I was gonna do it for May. When I heard Thiago (Silva) was out I was like ‘Alright, I’ll fight Rampage again,’ but then they put Matt Hamill in there. They didn’t want to put that fight together for whatever reason. I would have found a way. I woulda gave it a go. I’ve been doing some pretty aggressive treatment on my knee and I was thinkin’ I was gonna be ready.”

As MMABay revealed earlier today, Jackson is set to sign his half of the bout agreements any day now for a bout with Matt Hamill after the promotion made it clear that this was the main fight on the table for him at this time. Stay tuned to MMABay in the coming days for more on this situation as it develops.




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