UFC Finally Taking MMA Lobbying Grassroots In New York

By Luke Thomas

To date, my biggest criticism of the UFC‘s push to get mixed martial arts legalized and sanctioned by the state of New York has been the utter failure to make the effort about New York’s interest. The economic impact study they’ve created and updated is necessary, but hardly sufficient. The effort has to be about New Yorkers, for New Yorkers.

The economic impact is partly the right way to address the situation. Law makers and other key influencers above all respect hard data. And the UFC’s numbers are clear, concise and contributory to local and state economies. But in the din of debate about much more substantive issues such as the state cutting health care costs or how infrastructure will be repaired in a state with a $10 billion shortfall, a measly $23 million influx in direct and indirect from UFC events makes catching key legislators attention very difficult.

The UFC cannot and should not abandon the economic argument. Again, it’s not bad, but it should be one part of a broader campaign. And the campaign should be tweaked to demonstrate New Yorkers’ collective wants and interests.


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