Antonio Silva’s coach talks Fedor fight, Fedor future

By Fighters Only

When he came into mixed martial arts, Antonio Silva wanted to beat Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, the best heavyweight of that epoch and still one of the best of all time to have stepped into a ring.

The years passed and “Bigfoot” had his opportunity to face Fedor in the opening round of Strikeforce’s eight-man tournament. Considered the underdog, Silva ran over “The Last Emperor” and may even have forced his retirement.

After that loss, it has been questioned whether Fedor can continue fighting opponents 40 pounds heavier than him, something he did with ease in the past. Fighters Only put this to conditioning specialist André Benkei, one of the guys responsible for the victory of Silva over Emelianenko.

FO: Fedor is light for a heavyweight compared to the current athletes who drop weight to make 265lbs. Do you think he would do well as a light heavyweight?

– I think he does well at any category. He overwhelmed the heavyweight division over ten years and it has to be respected. For other side, if I were his coach, I would work on a diet to drop his fat percentage to 12 or 14% and so I would decide what would fit better for him.


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