Chris Camozzi Isn’t Here By Luck; Hard Work Landed Him UFC 127 Main Card

By Erik Fontanez

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you admire the performances put on by the fighters when they enter the cage, ring, or Octagon. The display of athleticism put on by the competitors, their ability to transition from one fighting aspect to another. All these and other things make up the spectacle that is currently the fastest growing sport in the world.

Showcasing such talent and ability isn’t something that fighters walk into from the moment they decide to enter the sport. As they say: this ain’t no walk in the park, son!

Believe that it takes a certain type of man – or woman – to find the discipline warranted of a fighter and consistently perform at one’s physical peak. Personal sacrifice is par for the course, and it can reach beyond the physical aspect as well. Family, friends, and personal relationships sometimes play second fiddle to a fighter’s training regimen, especially when approaching fight night.

The effort poured into the cup of one’s fighting career is enough to confirm that it takes more than just simple luck to get to the big stage. Just ask UFC 127 fighter and former Ultimate Fighter contestant Chris Camozzi about how lucky he is to be where is.

“Sometimes, when people say, ‘you’re lucky,’ it bugs me a little,” he said on MMAWeekly Radio. “They don’t realize that, even though I love doing it, it does take a lot of work and it’s not luck that gets you there.”


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