Gruesome Foot Injury Gives New Meaning to Fighting Through Adversity

By Ben Fowlkes

It takes a lot to gross out a seasoned fight promoter. Once you’ve seen enough blood on the mat and enough broken bones, you start to become immune to it all. At least, that’s what Jamie Addie of Fight to Win promotions in Denver thought. Then he saw what happened to Justin Salas’ foot.

“It was gross, man. I’ve seen a thousand fights and many different situations, but I’ve never seen that in my life,” Addie said.

Neither had Salas. Neither had his trainer, Trevor Wittman. It hadn’t even occurred to them to be worried about something like this.

At first, neither even realized what was happening in the Jan. 29 fight. To Salas (8-3), it simply felt like he was having trouble getting his footing against UFC vet Rob Emerson in the main event.

“I wanted to work my combos and move to the right, away from his power,” said Salas. “I tried to get that angle there on the corner, on my right, but I was having a tough time because of my right foot, which is the foot I pivot off of. I noticed I wasn’t able to pivot on it and a kind of panic set in. I was slipping and it just wasn’t working, but I didn’t know why at first.”


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