Jon Fitch UFC 127 Fight Journal: My ‘Weird Diet’ Explained

By Jon Fitch

Much has been made of a video I posted on my YouTube channel, OfficialJonFitch, detailing a few dietary changes I’ve made in recent months. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I’d like to now take the time to add a few more words to the video content and fully explain the adventure I’m currently embarking on, three weeks out from my fight against BJ Penn at UFC 127 on Saturday, Feb. 26.

This move towards a healthier lifestyle began in the weeks leading up to UFC 100, when I was preparing to face Paulo Thiago and, a few weeks out from the fight, decided to cut out meat from my diet and eat purely raw and organic foods. I noticed the difference straight away and felt great as a result.

Then, last December, I stumbled across a book called The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, and read it from front to back while out in Australia a couple of months ago promoting this upcoming UFC 127 show.

The book really opened my eyes to a new way of eating and living, and I decided to do a lot more studying as a result. I discovered that many of life’s diseases are linked to animal products, preservatives and processed foods and that we, as human beings, are given a choice as to whether we need to eat these foods or not.

Since reading the book, I’ve basically tried to eat as cleanly as possible and take in as many whole foods and raw foods as I can. I also minimize my meat intake to at least five percent or less of my overall calories.


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