Lyoto: “The UFC won’t feel sorry for me. I’ll give my best to win”

By Guilherme Cruz

Lyoto Machida is a complicated situation on UFC. With two consecutive losses on the octagon, the karate fighter will face the American idol Randy Couture on UFC 129, and desperately need the win to get rid of the pressure imposed by his boss, who’s talking about dismissal. “UFC considers the incomes a lot, the profits, and if I’m not pleasing the fans anymore, they won’t feel sorry for me”, said Lyoto to TATAME, promising his best against Couture, analyzing the game of his opponent and commenting the expectations for fighting for 50 thousand people in Canada, besides analyzing the title fight between Mauricio Rua and Jon Jones.

How are the trainings going?
We’re working a lot on my conditioning, because we know Couture is much resistant. And we’ve already started the technical trainings, but we still are doing the basics.

What is your expectation for it?
The expectations are the best. We know Randy Couture is a great champion, a guy who helped to build the sport as it is, and it’s a great pleasure to have this fight on my résumé, because I’ll be part of Randy Couture’s history on the sport. He added much to MMA. I believe we can win, we have many weapons. Despite he’s on a certain age, he’s tough and experienced, and he’s been fighting guys like Minotauro, and he did tough fights and he’s tough for anyone.

Couture is known for his efficient Wrestling and his dirty boxing on the clinch… Have you set a game plan for it?
This is his strong point, but he has evolved a lot along with the sport. As he always competed in high level, he doesn’t do only thing and one thing only. The clinch game may be his strongest weapon, but we’ve noticed many areas he’s good at. He dodges well, he has good takedowns…

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