Rashad Evans on Fedor’s loss: “He was all upset because his priest didn’t come in.”

By Jason Benfari

It seems like everyone has a take on Fedor Emeliananko’s shocking loss to Antonio “BigfootSilva this past Saturday, but former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans claims to have some inside information.

The recently injured fighter appeared yesterday as a guest on Pro MMA Radio via MMAMania and revealed that Emelianenko‘s head wasn’t in the right place before the fight.

“I have somebody that’s close to the situation there and they said that Fedor was all upset because his priest didn’t come in,” Evans said. “He always has a priest before every one of his fights and his priest didn’t come in, or came in late, and it messed him up mentally. Maybe that had something to do with it, because when he came out he was showing more emotion than he normally does. Normally it’s just like a straight face, but he seemed to look like he was mad. Not like the typical Fedor where he just has a straight face, no kind of emotion, but he seemed to show some kind of emotion.”

Evans also believes that Emelianenko was thrown off by Silva’s ability to take a shot. After landing a few powerful punches that didn’t seem to phase his much larger opponent, Evans believes that Emeliananko “broke.”

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