Simon Rutz: Yeah, K-1 is likely heading to bankruptcy soon

By Zach Arnold

When we last left you on the Simon Rutz/K-1 front, he was supposed to promote an It’s Showtime event at Amsterdam Arena with K-1 fighters. He ended up announcing a cancellation for the event due to what he said was K-1 not paying some fighters and not being able to get him a roster to book a card. So, the show fell through.

In this new interview today (Dutch), Simon says (pardon the pun) that K-1 is headed towards bankruptcy. Now, I should note that bankruptcy is nothing new in the Japanese fight business. It’s happened many times with various pro-wrestling companies where a shell company will declare bankruptcy, avoid or minimize payments to creditors, and either transfer assets or start over anew under a new shell company. So, the idea of FEG declaring bankruptcy doesn’t mean that K-1 in theory would die.

(On a side note, Dan Herbertson reports that Dave Herman has been released from his Sengoku contract and may be heading to the UFC. Dan also notes that several more fighters may get their releases in the near future.)


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