Winner of Penn vs Fitch gets title shot

By Fighters Only

The winner of the UFC 127 fight between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch will get a welterweight title shot, says UFC president Dana White.

White announced the news on today’s conference call to promote the event. But it is not immediately clear who the opponent will be. Georges St. Pierre is supposedly moving up to middleweight permanently if he retains the belt against Jake Shields on April 30th.

Given the hard time Penn had with Georges St. Pierre in his last welterweight effort and the size difference between him and Fitch, the Hawaiian was asked whether he perceives any disadvantage fighting at 170 pounds. But Penn said he likes to fight at welterweight as it allows him to eat and drink as much as he likes so he can go into the fight “feeling one hundred per cent healthy”.

Even for lightweight he fights he cuts only a few pounds and he questioned how much of an advantage it can be to make massive weight cuts. “If I was going to fight tomorrow, like if I had to defend the family honour or something, the last thing I would do to prepare would be to stop eating and drinking, you know?”

In that same vein Penn also commented on former adversary Kenny Florian moving to featherweight. He said, “Its hard to be competitive if you are having to chop your leg off to make weight.” The fight between Penn and Fitch headlines the Australian event, which takes place on February 26th.



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