B.J. Penn Analyses the UFC 129 welterweight title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields.

By Jeff Cain

Penn has gone into battle with Georges St. Pierre twice. He’s held the UFC lightweight and welterweight titles. He also says not to look past Jake Shields against St. Pierre on April 30.

“I think if there’s anybody out there that’s going give GSP a good fight, I think Jake Shields might be the man, “ Penn told the media on Tuesday.

“When you look at him and you don’t think much. When you see him fight and you don’t think much, but he goes out there and wins., added the Hawaiian fighter.

“He beat Dan Henderson. I know it’s a different style and styles make fights, but I think Dan Henderson would do really well with GSP if they were in the ring together,” added Penn. “I honestly think it’s a toss-up.”

Penn knows both fighters well.

“You’ve got GSP with the wrestling and the stand up and Shields with the great wrestling and jiu-jitsu, so it’s going to be a good fight,” said the former UFC champion.

“I think I’ve heard Shields is taking this fight serious. He’s bringing down Chael Sonnen and some other people, so it looks like he’s coming to win this thing . We’ll see what happens. A fight is a fight.”

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