Bisping claims he would ‘get in the face’ of Anderson Silva


Michael Bisping claims he would “get in the face” of NameAnderson Silva if, as planned, the Briton earns a UFC middleweight title shot in the near future.

Bisping has flown out for his UFC 127 co-main event with Jorge Rivera, which he hopes will propel him towards a ‘semi-final’ title eliminator later this year. In the eyes of Bisping, only two victories separate him from a career-long wish to take on the undefeated Silva.

The Wolf’s Lair fighter was an intrigued observer as Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, producing yet another highlight reel moment in an outstanding career as he dropped Belfort with a front kick to the chin.

Like the 11,000-strong crowd in attendance, Bisping was impressed with the knockout, but he is convinced Belfort had the wrong gameplan. The Brazilian failed to throw a strike in over a minute following the opening klaxon, and Bisping believes that was a mistake.

Anderson proves time and time again that he’s the No. 1 fighter in the world, and he took Belfort out in style,” he told ESPN.

“I think Belfort had the wrong gameplan. You have to get in Anderson’s face, not stand off and allow him to use his speed and his range like that. But still, it was an incredible finish.

“You have to get in his face. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, we all saw what he did to Rich Franklin in the clinch. But I definitely think you have to push the pace and get him on his back foot.”



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