BJ Penn: Doesn’t like weight cutting

By Fighters Only

BJ Penn has revealed why he is so happy to fight at welterweight, despite having plied his trade at lightweight for most of his career.

“When it comes to 155 pounds, I don’t even like cutting the weight to make that weight. It’s not a tough cut for me – I probably cut three of four pounds on the day of the weigh in. But you have to cut down food and you have to cut your water down. And I don’t know if that’s a healthy thing,” he said ahead of his UFC 127 fight with Jon Fitch.

“I mean, if someone said ‘let’s meet tomorrow at 12 o’clock to fight somewhere, your family honor is on the line’, I wouldn’t stop drinking water and stop eating. I don’t see how that can help you and make you the stronger person.

“I come from a whole different mindset. I believe you get as healthy as you can and fight the best guy possible. I feel that I’m a healthy person right now and in a great mindset, and I know that when we get to Australia we’re going to fight less than 24 hours after the weigh in, so I’d rather be in the position that I’m in.

“Twenty hours later me and Jon Fitch are going to be standing in the ring looking at each other and I’m going to be happy knowing that I was drinking as much water and eating as much as I could the whole time I was getting ready to fight someone of Fitch’s caliber.”

Of course, weight-cutting is a huge part of most UFC fighter’s preparations and Fitch is no different. Expect Penn to be outweighed and outsized on fight night – but possibly the winner in the energy-level and feel-good stakes.

The fight headlines UFC 127 which takes place in Sydney, Australia on Saturday February 26th.



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