Chad Griggs: “I’m going to stick with the heavyweight division”

By Percy Crawford

“I think I’m going to stick with the heavyweight division because for the most part, that’s where all of the eyes are and I want to try to build my name there….I’m excited to be here. I’m hoping with this one…I got a lot of feedback from the Lashley fight that it was a fluke and all of the excuses of him being sick and this and that. I just wanted to get out there and say, ‘Here I am. I’m here and I’m the real deal.’ Just from reading a couple of articles, it looks like I’m getting some credit and they are establishing me as a real threat. And as Coker said, me and Del Rosario are now considered in the mix of things on the big shows and I was happy to hear him say that. I’m just hoping to get a little more credit to where people don’t say I was lucky,” stated Strikeforce heavyweight contender Chad Griggs as he talked about his recent win over Gian Villante, his future plans and much more. Check it out!

PC: Congratulations on the win. How do you feel, man?
CG: It’s a great feeling to win, of course. It’s been a rush, but it’s been great. I’m a little bit sore today. My ear is a little bit puffed up, but other than that, I’m healthy and strong and nothing is hurting too bad. Other than that, I will take a week off and try to get back in the game here.

PC: Your ear got messed up from a head kick that he landed. How badly were you buzzed from that shot?
CG: I wasn’t in trouble, but it did stun me and it shook my bell a little bit too where I had to take a deep breath and reset. I wasn’t dizzy or anything like that. He threw something right after that kick and I was able to block it and I was coming back at him when they stopped it to put his mouthpiece back in. If you watch the video, you could see me yelling at the ref because I didn’t know why they were stopping it. I felt like I had buckled him prior to that, so you could see me yelling at the ref to let us go. I wanted to get back in there. I don’t think I was ever in trouble, but yeah, there is no question, he got me and it blew my ear open. It just made me go, “Okay, my turn!” (Laughing)


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