DAN HARDY “I’m Suppressing My Inner Serial Killer And Condit Is At The Top Of My List”

By Pedro Carrasco, BJPenn.com

Dan hardy explains how the loss to Carlos Condit effected him and his training in an interesting interview over on BJPenn.com. Here is what Dan had to say when asked about the Condit fight…

“I felt like I let myself down, I felt like I let my fans down. I didn’t have the respect for his, ‘roll of the dice’, is the best way I can put it. My intentions going into that fight was to just go in there and beat him to a pulp and show the world I was back.

I guess I got a little ahead of myself and I was a little too confident, a little bit too cocky maybe and I just kind of fed off the environment in the Arena and let it get to me a little bit. I just started chasing him with a left hook and that was obviously what he was looking for me to do so he could counter me.

Anyways, he was successful, but it was good, I needed that. The GSP fight was a learning experience and I kind of felt like a proved a little something in that fight because people counted me out, you know, quite clearly counted me out.

‘Submission in the first round’ was the main prediction for that fight and though I was up against it for the full 25 minutes I think I at least showed a bit of grit and determination. So you know maybe I didn’t treat that fight as the loss I should have treated it as.

The Condit fight, I didn’t have any respect for, like I said, his ‘roll of the dice’. I didn’t think there was a chance of getting caught. But it has put me in a place where, I certainly wouldn’t like to fight me now because now I’m suppressing my inner serial killer and I want to hurt somebody and Condit’s going to be at the top of my list until the end of my career.

I want to get that win over him and I’m determined to get that. I think this next fight is going to be a good step towards getting back to Condit and to the rest of the guys that I want to put a beating on. He certainly hasn’t gotten away with it.”

To read the whole interview click here.


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