Inside Lyle Beerbohm’s Undefeated Record

By Michael David Smith

Undefeated records in MMA just don’t last. Boxing, where prospects are built up for years by promoters who hand them easy opponents, has scores of competitors who stay undefeated through their first 10, 20 or even 30 professional fights. But in MMA, that’s not the case.

So when you see a fighter with a record like Lyle Beerbohm, you want to take a closer look. Beerbohm will put his undefeated record (the second-best record among all active MMA fighters) on the line Friday night against Pat Healy at the Strikeforce Challengers event in Cedar Park, Texas.

We’ll take a closer look at Beerbohm’s undefeated record below.

There are some disputes about what, exactly, Beerbohm’s record is. Strikeforce says Beerbohm is 16-0, but it only lists 15 fights in his career summary. Wikipedia lists him as 16-0. Sherdog lists him as 15-0. In 2009 his publicity people sent out a press release calling him 22-0, combined, as a pro and amateur. The discrepancies about his record are a result of sloppy record keeping for his early fights on small shows. But we’ll focus on the 15 pro fights listed on his Sherdog record.

The combined record of Beerbohm’s 15 opponents is 108-93-2. Beerbohm has mixed in some wins against fighters with good career records (the 20-5 Vitor Ribeiro and the 20-11 Duane Ludwig) with some wins against fighters with very bad records (three of Beerbohm’s opponents have never won a fight, and five others are .500 or worse in their carers).


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