Johnson vows to topple Hardy


Anthony Johnson has dismissed the threat of Dan Hardy, claiming he will use the Brit as a stepping stone to greatness.

Johnson has been out of the Octagon since suffering a controversial defeat to Josh Koscheck at UFC 106. He has had a knee injury and a problem with cutting weight, but is set to return to action against Hardy on the undercard to Tito Ortiz against Antonio Nogueira in Seattle on March 26.

Johnson is vowing to stand toe-to-toe with Hardy and deliver a fight the fans want to see and is convinced he will be too strong for Hardy.

“When I knock him out I am planning on going on to the next level,” Johnson told MMA Interviews. “I want to stand with everybody as that is where you show the men from the boys. I am not afraid of going down to the ground, but we will see.”

Asked if there was anything that worried him about Hardy, Johnson said: “Nothing. I will always be confident. I do not try to worry about the other guy. I just want to worry about me and do my best. Once you worry you get nervous and are afraid. I ain’t afraid. He is a good fighter and a solid dude and I respect him.

“He knows I’m going to bring it and I know he’s going to bring it, so we will give the fans what they want.”

Johnson has set the bar high in his career, as he added: “I want to be like Georges St Pierre, working my way up from the ground and be the best. That is what I did, I started on the ground and have come a long way and still plan on going even further.”



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