Jorge Rivera Talks About Getting Under Michael Bisping’s Skin

By Trent Reinsmith

Leading up to their middleweight bout at UFC 127 on February 26th in Sydney Australia, Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera has released a series of videos that poke fun at his opponent, Michael Bisping. The videos have seemingly gotten under the skin of Bisping, who commented to the UK newspaper The Independent, “Rivera’s a f–king dork and there’s only one person who’s going to be laughing on the night and that’s me.”

When asked by if Rivera thought he got under the skin of Bisping, he threw the question back to the interviewer, “My friend, let me ask you, do you think I got under his skin?”

The interviewer responded to the affirmative, to which Rivera replied, “I think so too.”

Rivera recently discussed his upcoming fight with Bisping with Lowkick and how this fight, like all his other fights is personal, “Every fight is personal. I love when people say “nothing is personal”. We are going to punch each other in the face, and you can be damn sure it’s going to be personal real quick. You gotta do what you gotta do to get over, and that’s it. I’m not worried about anything. It’s all fun right now before the fight, but when we get there – it will be strictly business.”

Rivera and Bisping will face off in the co-main event of UFC 127.




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