Team Fedor Needs to Move on Instead of Making Excuses for Loss

By Mike Chiappetta

Fedor Emelianenko lost on Saturday night, and while a doctor’s stoppage is not the most conclusive way to win or lose a bout, there’s no denying that Emelianenko got decisively beaten up in the second and final round. Antonio Silva took him down and smashed him up for nearly the full five minutes. Even if Fedor himself says he could have continued, fighters agree to compete under the care of the referees and doctors in regards to their long-term health and protection, and the ringside physician feared for Emelianenko’s vision after seeing his right eye completely closed.

It’s only a few days later, but coaches on his team have been quoted many times in the Russian sports media talking about the loss. It’s their right to explain what went wrong, but what about when they start floating conspiracy theories?

The most ridiculous one floated? One by his trainer Vladimir Voronov, who claimed in an interview with that illegal methods of psychological warfare were used. His claim? Hypnosis.

According to a translation of Voronov’s interview, he believes certain “technologies” were used on both fighters from a distance that negatively affected Emelianenko’s performance. His reasoning for the wild theory? Fedor did exactly the opposite of what they practiced beforehand. Also, before the fight, he thinks Fedor looked “a little depressed.”

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