The best and worst with Chris Lytle

By Steven Kelliher

Longtime MMA veteran Chris “Lights Out” Lytle recently took a step back to evaluate the best, the worst, and everything in between over the course of a lengthy career with Tapology’s Steven Kelliher.

Undoubtedly one of the most experienced veterans in the sport today, 36 year old Lytle has competed in over 50 professional MMA fights. It is worth noting that his MMA career was preceded by a lengthy turn as a professional boxer.

With so many bouts to choose from, it was difficult for Lytle to select his favorite all-time bout. Difficult, but not impossible.

“I’ve had a lot of fights, but one of the best fights was when I fought in England against a kid named Paul Taylor,” Lytle said. “That was a lot of fun because I had it in my mind to stand and bang with him the whole time and that’s exactly what happened.”
Looking over Lytle’s record, one would think the fighter might choose a quick, 33-second knockout of Kyle Bradley back in 2008. Just last year Lytle took out rising star Brian Foster with a Kneebar in under two minutes. Lytle, however, sees things differently than most.

“It’s good when you get to go in there and win real quick, but I like the fights where I have to overcome a little bit of adversity,” Lytle said. “If I’m able to take some punches and still come out on top I usually feel a little better about that.”

Compare that to his all-time most hated performance, and you begin to see what makes Lytle tick.


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