UFC Leaning Towards Toronto Over Dallas for Future Mega Matches

By Kid Nate

For years whenever he wanted to talk up an unsigned imaginary mega-bout like Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko, UFC boss Dana White would place it in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Now that Toronto, Ontario has regulated the sport it seems that Dana has a new destination for his fantasy bouts. He was still up in the air as little as a week ago, talking to Yahoo! Sports about a possible Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre bout:

“The most difficult part of putting together this fight is where we’re going to hold it,” White said. “Do we go back to Toronto? Do we do Dallas? What do you do?”

But now that UFC 129 has sold 55,000 tickets, Dana has a new home for his dream bouts: Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Dave Meltzer hears from Dana:

“The problem with doing Dallas is the number of [hotel] rooms down there,” White said. “As big as that stadium is, there aren’t a lot of rooms. Our sport, like the Super Bowl, will bring in people from all over the world. Toronto is a huge, hip city of things for people to do, clubs, restaurants … ”

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Admin: I’ve been telling people for years that once Dana gets a taste of the money he can make in Toronto, that he’ll want to do an event there every month. And who could blame him, the economy in Vegas has tanked, that place is a ghost town. Meanwhile, Toronto is flush with cash and booming. It’s the logical thing for him to do. I fully expect that Toronto will replace Vegas as the world wide center for mixed martial arts within the decade.

Watch as it happens….Before the decade is up, the Rogers center will have been re-branded by Zuffa as the UFC center. And they will be holding the majority of their events there. As well as have their corporate offices located in Toronto as well.

If anybody reading this is thinking about opening an MMA gym…Trust me on this, go to Toronto to open it.

You can thank me later.

– Evil


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