Chris Lytle ‘bummed’ Carlos Condit injured but ready for Brian Ebersole in Australia

By Fernando Quiles Jr.

Chris Lytle (30-17-5) will throw leather against Brian Ebersole (46-14-1) on Feb. 26 at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia for UFC 127.

It will mark the nineteenth time “Lights Out” has stepped inside the Octagon.

The 36-year old welterweight was originally slated for a scrap against Carlos Condit but the bout was called off when “The Natural Born Killer” suffered a knee injury. Lytle tells Pro MMA Radio what was running through his mind when he got word of the unfortunate news.

“Oh, man, I was really bummed. That’s a fight I really wanted since I heard about it. I like his style. I like how he was gonna try to come out and fight me. He’s not gonna try and outpoint me. He was gonna come out and try to knock me out. Those are the type of guys that I like to fight. It’s harder nowadays when you start climbing that ladder, it’s harder to fight guys who will fight you like that. A lot guys just wanna win at all costs no matter how boring.”

While Ebersole may be making his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut, he’s certainly no stranger to mixed martial arts (MMA). And despite his lack of recognition among the masses, Lytle knows he won’t be easy to put away.

“I have been able to watch a little bit of his more recent stuff and the thing I’m noticing about him is he’s an experienced guy. He knows what he’s doing and he makes it tough to look good against him. I was watching some of his fights and no matter how good the caliber the guy was, he knows enough and is good enough that you’re not going to just go out there and beat him up.”


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