Dennis Hallman: “I believe I can beat anyone in the world, no matter who they are”


A veteran of 59 professional fights, Dennis Hallman first made a mark in the sport when he took out Matt Hughes for the second time at UFC 29. A feat that at time was almost unheard of. Hallman has had a long career that dates back to his professional debut in 1997. He has fought for organizations such as UFC, Strikeforce, IFL, Shooto, Rumble on the Rock, and King of the Cage amongst others.

Most recently he faced and destroyed Karo Parisyan at UFC 123 in Detroit Michigan. Now he has his sights set on TJ Waldburger in a bout set for March 26th at the Fight Night Ortiz vs. Nogueira event.

We started off our interview with his thoughts on his upcoming opponent…

“I just got the tape on him, looks like it’s going to be a fun fight. He is really active, goes for submissions a lot. This will be my first UFC fight where my opponents not going to run from my ground game. I think he will engage me and we will have a great grappling match.

He has an armbar victory over Bryan Foster. He’s a tough kid, he rolls really fluid. He won over David Mitchell, they rolled for three straight rounds until Mitchell finally got worn out and TJ won a good decision.

He’s a well rounded fighter and it looks like he has good cardio. He likes to go for the submission; he’s a submission first strike second type of guy. I could always try to keep it standing, but really, I’m excited to have someone to engage in the ground game with me. I really think he’ll be willing to do that and for me that’s an exciting thing to do.

So for me my game plan is to just go in there and fight him and make it a really exciting ground match.”


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