Georges St-Pierre reaches out to his fans with at-home fitness DVD

By The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Mixed martial arts star Georges St-Pierre says his new at-home fitness program is designed for regular people who want to get in shape. And he includes his own mother in that category.

But the workout series is not exactly “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.”

Even St-Pierre, the Ultimate Fighting Championship‘s welterweight title-holder, admits he struggled with some sections of “GSP Rushfit,” a series of workouts that combines MMA conditioning with circuit training and body weight exercises.

“I can’t do the whole thing 100 per cent,” says the 29-year-old Montreal native. “I have to stop sometimes because it’s too much for me. Imagine if it’s too much for me how it is for a guy who’s 60 years old with five kids? It’s pretty hard.”

He’s not kidding. As a 36-year-old longtime runner, I considered myself to be in pretty good shape, but my above-average cardio fitness didn’t help me much during the two weeks I spent testing “GSP Rushfit.” I found the high-intensity workouts challenging and was fatigued by the end of most of them.

The results won’t come without giving it your all, says St-Pierre.

“People want to get in shape, they want to lose weight but they don’t have the will do to the effort,” he says. “That’s what I’m talking about in the DVD. There is no magic pill.”

But those at home shouldn’t kid themselves. While “Rushfit” incorporates some MMA training techniques, it isn’t a replica of St-Pierre’s regular workout routine.

Widely recognized as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, St-Pierre has numerous trainers and coaches who work with him on every aspect of his fight game. Much of his regimen is well beyond what the average person could manage. Just type “Georges St-Pierre workout” into YouTube and you’ll get a taste of what he puts his body through before he even enters the Octagon.

The “GSP Rushfit” program, which gets its name from St-Pierre’s nickname Rush, includes seven different workouts on a series of six DVDs — full body strength and conditioning, explosive power training, fight conditioning, abdominal strength and core conditioning, strength and endurance, balance and agility, and stretching for flexibility.


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