Jorge Masvidal: This is My Time

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Jorge Masvidal realizes that he is no longer a prospect. Since debuting in mixed martial arts in 2003 as a raw 19-year-old, “GameBred” has developed into one of the most underrated stars in the lightweight division.

Masvidal made a name for himself fighting on the streets in Miami, taking on Kimbo Slice protégé “Ray” in a YouTube video that has garnered nearly three-quarters of a million views.

The name “GameBred” comes from his love of pitbulls, which are loyal and fierce. Masvidal feels his calling in life is to be a pitbull inside the ring, respecting the game but making sure that his opponents don’t want to face him again.

The Cuban American grew up on the mean streets of Miami, and fighting was a way of life. But Masvidal has done something that many of the other kids fighting on the streets would have never dreamed: he parlayed it into a career as a professional prize fighter, becoming a world-traveled and acclaimed fighter at just 26 years of age.

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