Manny Pacquiao’s Promoter Bob Arum Continues Dumb Attacks on MMA

By InsidetheCageMMA

Oh Bob Arum. Dear, sweet, ol’Bob.Why is it that you feel compelled to chastise and mock the world of MMA whenever the subject is broached?

Is it because this thing called MMA seems to be the product of youthful rebellion and that strikes at your conservative sensibilities? Nah, you are as progressive as any promoter in the fight game so me thinks that your true passive-aggressive disdain for the sport of MMA springs forth from some deep-seeded resentment for the popularity that the sport enjoys.

A level of popularity that dwarfs all but a Manny Pacquiao-featured boxing card. It’s clear that boxing is the combative sport of the past, and that today’s youth is drawn to the pomp and grandeur of caged mixed martial arts.

However, to hear Arum tell it MMA, specifically the UFC, will fail to sustain growth because only white males watch it. In an interview with USA Today’s Sergio Non and Scott Zucker, Arum took his old-school boxing mentality to McLean, VA as he is on a promotional tour to drive up interest for his upcoming Manny Pacquiao – Shane Mosley PPV card. However, Arum had some hot sports opinions when the subject of the UFC was brought up.


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