MMABay interview with UFC light heavyweight, Anthony Perosh

By Michael Pepper

MMABay sat down for an EXCLUSIVE interview this week with Australian light heavyweight stand-out, Anthony Perosh ahead of his UFC 127 clash with Tom Blackledge at the end of the month. We also spoke to him about the last time he was inside the octagon, last February where he faced Mirko Cro Cop inside the octagon.

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with MMABay and answer a few of our questions.

MMABay – First of all, the last time we saw you in action was a year ago at UFC 110, when you stepped in to face Mirko CroCop on just a few day’s notice. How long did you have to think about the offer before you said ‘yes’?

Perosh – I said no at first but about an hour later said yes. I couldn’t turn down fighting in the UFC on pay per view in front of my home crowd against the likes of Cro Cop.

MMABay – Shortly after the Cro Cop fight you underwent knee surgery. Can you fill us in on how the surgery and rehabilitation went, and how you’re feeling physically now?

Perosh – Due to wear and tear I had the meniscus in my left knee repaired. I was back to 100% in 8 weeks.

MMABay – You said shortly before your surgery that you hoped to be back in action by September 2010. Was it a case of your knee not being ready, or did the UFC not yet have a fight for you? Was it frustrating, having to sit out longer than you anticipated?

Perosh – I had a right shoulder reconstruction at the end of June! That rehab was a lot longer but I was 100% after 5 months.

MMABay – You’re making your UFC return in just a few weeks time at UFC 127. Are you excited to be back in the cage, especially in front of your home crowd?


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