Top MMA Social Network unleashes all new MMA forum

Los Angeles, CA — Pro Fight Network Incorporated launched its all new Beta version website about two weeks ago and it is has been surpassing expectations according to the websites CEO, Chris Greenman. In a earlier report, the CEO explained the websites technology is state-of-the-art mixed with the same content ingredients that has made the site a front runner in the mixed martial arts world, being bold and honest. Combine this with the number one broadcasted MMA show on the Globe with Fight Net Radio (which is five years running), and expectations are set.

ProFightNetwork has held bragging rights to the top placement in Google MMA categories such as MMA social sites, MMA social site, Pro Fight, MMA forum, & a vast amount of other Google keyword phrases for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

International Journalism Review (IJR) caught up with the founder and CEO of ProFightNetwork Chris Greenman and asked him to fill us in on the new forum and the entire website overhaul.

Greenman said, “We have always had a forum, it just wasn’t set up real clean and smooth like it is now. We use a Vbulletin platform which is literally the best in the industry. We were able to merge our previous forum into this one so people can go way back on topics or start new ones.”

“The new website overhaul included primarily adding news from a perspective of industry experts that are really unbiased in the sport. You won’t see us just reporting UFC or just StrikeForce or just Bellator. We are about the sport and its integrity and much like our radio show, we are just going to bring straight forward news with no BS. The last thing left to do on the website is to launch our store which should be happening within a few days, the thing I like best about the new store is the way we affiliated ourselves with a wholesaler. Not only will our users get vast discounts on almost any MMA gear imaginative from all brands, but they will get additional savings by going through our website, it’s the way we designed it that makes it exciting.”

Going through the new website the IJR staff noticed the continued use of instructional MMA videos, featured videos, the new MMA forum, and the constantly updated, MMA pound-for-pound best in the world section.

Michael Gingino / Editor in Chief / International Journalism Review


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