Warburton ready for his second chance

By Thomas Gerbasi

Your commute to work ain’t got nothing on Curt Warburton’s trek to Sydney, Australia for his UFC 127 bout against Maciej Jewtuszko.

First, the lightweight prospect drove two and a half hours from his home in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England to Manchester Airport. Then it was an hour flight to Heathrow, followed by flights to Bangkok and then Sydney, which clocked in at 12 and 10 hours, respectively. Yet you won’t hear any complaining from Warburton.

“I went last year with Mike (Bisping) for his training camp, so it should be okay,” he said. “I can’t see it being a problem. At least I’m getting out and seeing places. Plus it’s nice and warm over there.”

If you’re wondering how a native of cold and rainy England can have such a warm and sunny attitude about what isn’t an easy trip, consider that Warburton’s used to being on the road, taking the three hour drive to the Wolfslair Gym in Widnes every week to train. It’s a labor of love to say the least, yet what makes it more bearable is the fact that in the gym at the moment are a group of fighters, including UFC 127 card mates Michael Bisping and Tom Blackledge that are going through the same thing he is.

“We’re all in the gym together and it makes the gym a bit busier and a bit more of a laugh,” said Warburton. “If it’s just me in the gym fighting on a show, then everyone’s just on me all the time – you have to do this, you have to do that. It takes a bit of the pressure off if there’s a few people on the show and we all go through the same stuff.”

“As soon as we get on the mat, everything’s serious and we train serious,” he continues. “I live three hours drive away from the gym so I’ll come down on a Monday and live in the gym all week with a few other lads. As soon as training’s finished, we’ll all go for some dinner or we’ll make some dinner in the kitchen and we’ll just have a bit of a laugh waiting for the next session. It’s really good and we are like a bit of a family here.”


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