Yasubey Enomoto – The Interview

By Christopher Bailey

Yasubey Enomoto is one of the most technical Welterweights on the planet right now. High level Muay Thai and BJJ have contributed to his position as a fan favourite. His dispatching of Taisuke Okuno in the semi final of the SRC Welterweight GP back in August 2010 was a joy to watch, and big things were on the horizon for the Swiss fighter. However, a rear naked choke in round 2 of the GP Final ripped the rug from under his feet. IFI takes a few minutes to catch up with the Sengoku Welterweight prospect.

1. Yasubey, thanks for taking the time for this interview. What have you been up to?
I was very upset about my bad performance in the SRC GP final. Two days after the fight, I was going to Thailand to train for 1 month because I don’t like to take time of after fights if I’m not injured 😀

2. Jumping straight into the hard stuff, how have you coped since losing the Sengoku Soul of Fight Grand Prix Final? Did you take some time off after the bout?
No. I was only not there mentally in the fight, I had a lot of personal problems before the fight.


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