A mind/body workout at Xtreme Couture

By Cameron Conaway

LAS VEGAS — The glamour and ostentation, the nonstop in-your-face blinking casino lights, the billboards of half-naked women and the magnificent high-rise buildings. Las Vegas is made possible by the seemingly impossible.

Wrangling the Colorado River to create Lake Mead — the world’s largest reservoir — Las Vegas is a world of water created in an essentially waterless desert. Some call it unsustainable. Some call it man’s most miraculous accomplishment. Nobody would call it modest. But at Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts, modesty abounds, as does the unexpected.

The training center is filled with all of MMA‘s tools of the trade: a tire to pound on, tons of mat and cage space, battling ropes, human-shaped heavy bags to throw around. This is all housed in a simple white building with a small “Xtreme Couture” logo. One might even drive past the location a time or two if looking for signage befitting the enormous amount of talent inside.  Once inside, a helpful man at the front desk greeted me. He looked familiar, but I was too excited to get started with the submission grappling class to wonder who he was.

“I’m Ryan,” he said. “I’ll get you hooked up so you can get started with class.”

I looked around at the walls and saw pictures of Randy Couture, Frank Trigg, Tyson Griffin and Ryan Couture. Yes, Ryan Couture was the modest front-desk worker who, before I put it all together, said “I train here sometimes but don’t teach” when I asked him if he was an instructor.


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