Akiyama’s a greater KO threat than Rivera – Bisping


Michael Bisping continues to laugh off claims Jorge Rivera will prove too ‘heavy-handed’ for him at UFC 127, insisting Yoshihiro Akiyama was a bigger knockout threat.

Rivera claims Bisping will not be able to handle his power in Sydney, a claim the Briton instantly labelled “f****** deluded”.

Bisping ate a huge right hand from Akiyama before producing one of the performances of his career to triumph at UFC 120, and he claims the Japanese, having famously knocked out Denis Kang, was a greater KO threat.

Rivera knocked out Kendall Grove back at UFC 80 but, as Bisping points out, the stoppage came as a cumulative result of relentless strikes.

“Akiyama’s the bigger knockout threat, I’ve not really seen Rivera put anyone away with one shot,” Bisping told ESPN. “Rivera’s got heavy hands and he has taken people out, but I’ve not seen him do it with one punch and KO anyone.

“Akiyama’s definitely done that. He took out Denis Kang one-punch with that uppercut, he’s done it to a few people and he almost got me – the bastard!


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