Alistair Overeem on the UFC, Cain, Fedor, Werdum and the Strikeforce GP

By Jason Kelly

While Fedor Emelianenko was falling victim to the much larger Antonio Silva in the opening round of Strikeforce’s heavyweight Grand Prix last weekend, cageside spectator and Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem might have let his mind wander to a bout in which he might enjoy the same advantage.

“It would be great if Strikeforce can do a co-promotion with UFC,” Overeem told MMA DieHards. “(Then) I could fight someone like Cain Velasquez.”

Similar to the Fedor-Silva fight, Velasquez would be the much smaller man in a fight with Overeem. But with politics and business rendering that scenario unlikely, Overeem must be content to remain the favorite to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

For now, Overeem is concentrating on winning the Grand Prix, not thinking about lack of opponents or where else he can fight, including the UFC.

“At the moment I would say no (to the UFC) because I’m very happy with Strikeforce, but if there is nobody that wants to fight me then I will take any offer serious,” Overeem explained.

While the largest roadblock to the Grand Prix title is obviously not Velasquez, it appears to be the dangerous Fabricio Werdum, his quarterfinal opponent.


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