Dan Henderson: “I’m prepared where ever the fight goes”

By Jeffrey Harris

MMA legend, Dan Henderson (26-8, MMA; 1-1, Strikeforce), once again goes for another title opportunity on March 5 at the next Strikeforce event. “Hendo” as he is also called will be taking on the reigning Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (10-2, MMA; 3-1, Strikeforce). Feijao won the belt by knocking out the undefeated champion, King Mo. Last week, Dan Henderson was gracious enough to take a break from his training and speak with 411mania.com for an exclusive interview:

Jeffrey Harris: You will be facing Rafael Cavalcante for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title. How are you feeling coming off your most recent win over Renato “Babalu” Sobral?
Dan Henderson: I feel great. And yeah I’m excited – excited for the match-up. It definitely has the makings to be a pretty good brawl so that’s always good for the fans and entertainment. I’m excited for the opportunity to win a Strikeforce title.

Jeffrey Harris: We know Feijao is a tough opponent with great striking and kickboxing. He knocked out King Mo who was previously undefeated. What challenges do you think Feijao poses for you?
Dan Henderson: Yeah, I mean I’m prepared where ever the fight goes. I think he’s really well rounded and so am I. He looks like he hits hard, but a little bit more on the wild side with his punches. He’s got some really good knees. So those are things I need to be careful about and just go out there and implement what I want to do to him. So I plan on hitting him hard and making him feel those hard punches, make him a little bit nervous on his feet with me.

Jeffrey Harris: What did you think of Feijao’s fight with King Mo where he won the title?
Dan Henderson: I think his takedown defense was pretty good. Mo was only kind of shooting on him on the outside, wasn’t setting up his shots all that well. But it just looks like he’s got some really good knees on him. He caught Mo with a nice knee and followed up with some punches. I think like I said, it’s going to be an exciting fight.


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