Danny Castillo says he’s in a win-win situation heading into Sydney showdown with Joe Stevenson

By Michael Pepper

Former WEC stand-out, Danny Castillo has been speaking today ahead of his octagon debut fight against Joe Stevenson at UFC 127 next weekend in Sydney, Australia, explaining this one is a win-win situation because he’s finally made it to the big leagues.

Speaking via ProMMANow.com, Castillo said:

“I feel like this fight’s a win-win situation for me. Even worst case scenario, it’s still going to be a win for me, because I’m wearing those black UFC gloves and getting in there and showcasing what I have to offer. I can’t go wrong. I’ve only been the distance twice in 13 fights. I like to finish fights and keep it exciting.”

“His last two fights are the fights I’ve been watching the most. He did his best to try and get the fight to the ground. Being that he was knocked out in his last fight, I don’t think he’ll stand with me. But if he stands with me, I think I have the advantage. I’m a lot faster and a lot stronger. I honestly believe that he’s just a straight forward boxer and I’m more of a dynamic striker.”

“I’m a better wrestler than he is [and have] more power. If I can land a couple shots, it’s going to change the whole fight. It’s not like a secret that after fights he blows up to 190 pounds,” he said. “I think that’s going to be a factor. If we do go to the later rounds, I think I’m going to be able to out-condition him.”


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