Former UFC Champion Ricco Rodriguez Signs With Bellator Fighting Championships

By Damon Martin

While he’s currently preparing for his bout against James McSweeney in BAMMA next week, former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez has now signed a new deal to become a part of Bellator Fighting Championships.

Rodriguez broke the news during a recorded interview for MMAWeekly Radio on Friday.

“To be honest with you, I signed the Bellator contract and just waiting to get permission from MTV. Everyone wants me to do something, but they’re just concerned with my past, if I’m going to be hard to work with. It’s a great opportunity for Bellator, I would love to fight in that competition, it’s going to be great exposure, I just think Bellator’s going to blow up on the scene,” Rodriguez said.

Currently training in England with the Wolfslair, Rodriguez has been there for just over a month working with the team and is in the closing stages for his fight against McSweeney next week in BAMMA.


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