Jason MacDonald: Frustrated fans

By Jason MacDonald

The UFC sold 55,000 tickets for the Toronto show, but some friends and family were left empty-handed.

I’ve just come home after spending time in Vancouver with the UFC’s director of Canadian operations Tom Wright.

Tom asked me if I would attend a charity event for the Boston Pizza Foundation, which raises money for charities across Canada.

They usually bring in notable people in the financial world to be guest speakers. This year, they chose to bring in Tom to talk about the UFC and its success, and he thought it would be good to bring a fighter along to give his perspective on the sport, the training and the success from an athlete’s point of view.

I really enjoyed myself, and it was nice to rub elbows with the president of the company. There were a bunch of businessmen in attendance and it definitely gave them a whole new outlook and perspective on the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts.

Afterward I had the opportunity to chat with Tom about the UFC, its direction in Canada and of course the upcoming event in Toronto where I’ll be fighting Ryan Jensen.

On my way back home to Red Deer, I stopped in Calgary to do my usual training with Josh Russell. I’m pleased with my preparation at this point. So far, so good.

The big news last week was the Toronto show selling out in record time, with record attendance and record gate. But I have to say, I have some pretty upset friends and family. None of them were able to get any tickets.

A couple different people told me the only reason they signed up for the UFC Fight Club was to ensure that they could get tickets and then they couldn’t get one of the 55,000 tickets that were sold. They said they have no desire for being part of a fan club and now they have this $89 membership that’s useless to them.



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