RITC 42 Weigh-In Results

Here are the weigh-in results for tomorrow’s RITC 42 card. Remember that you can watch all the action for under $10 by purchasing their Internet PPV.

Christine Blanchette (125) vs Chelsea Bronaugh (125.5)
Riley Curtis (154) vs Landon Powell (154.8)
Maged Hammo (150) vs Chris Leung (154)
Shae Erickson (155) vs. Lucian Philips (155)
Lance Doore (263.5) vs. Jake Rudiniski (234.5)
Adam Kaupp 169.5) vs. Travis Peterson (169.5)
Riley Molyneaux (170) vs Callum Ross (166) – Amateur

Tim Tamaki (153) vs. Jordan Knippleberg (155.5)
Mark Maruzs (151) vs. CJ Bagg (155.5)
Peter Neufeld (155) vs. Chris Barber (153)
Brandt Dewsbery (170) vs. Joey Staniowski (169)
Brad Cardinal (154) vs. Rob Roy (152.5)
Jordan Mein (170) vs. Keto Allen (170.2)

To view weigh-in photos: Click Here



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