Vera Discusses Silva Fight and Controversial Drug Test

By HeavyMMA

Thiago Silva’s UFC 125 drug test has yet to come back clean.

The light heavyweight slugger earned a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Vera on the main card of the promotion’s first event of 2011, dominating Vera with his strength and power. However, now Vera is waiting to see if Silva had a bit of help to defeat him because a positive drug test from Silva would make the former top prospect feel a bit better about himself.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Vera stated on the latest episode of The Ryan Loco Show. “He could’ve tested positive for marijuana. I honestly don’t think that’s a performance enhancing drug. If he does test positive for some kind of strength enhancing substance, it would make me feel a little bit better about myself.”

No one is certain about whether or not Silva’s drug test in fact did come back positive for a performance enhancing substance, but the delay has created some skepticism.

And Vera can’t help but wonder if Silva had taken an illegal substance prior to the fight. The man nicknamed “The Truth” says that Silva’s strength surprised him and that the Brazilian is one of the strongest individuals he has ever faced off against inside the Octagon.


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