Bisping says Jorge Rivera is sending him “nothing personal” messages following videos

By Michael Pepper

Speaking via, Bisping said:

“He’s sending messages to me (that say) ‘Oh, nothing personal.’ If you’re going to talk [expletive], be a man and accept responsibility for it. He’s criticized me and ridiculed me for being English. He’s being racist – let’s be honest. If he was making fun of me because I was Jewish or black, there would be an uproar. But because I’m English, that’s OK. He’s out of order, and I’m going to make him pay for it.”

“He’s off his [expletive] head, pardon my language. I try to put my opponents away. It’s just that I’ve fought guys that are hard to finish. (Yoshihiro) Akiyama is hard to finish, Chris Leben is hard to finish; Dan Miller has never been finished. These are hard guys, and I’ve kicked their asses, with all due respect. They were a mess after the fight; it looked like a hand grenade exploded in their face.”

“I’m never going to see [Rivera] again. He’s not on my Christmas card list, so it doesn’t really matter whether or not we’ve squashed the feelings or not. I’m going to go out there (and) I’m going to beat him up, make a fool out of him, and that’s that.”

“He’s acting like a child. He’s 38 years old; you’d think he’d know better. I’m just getting on with my training and trying to prepare accordingly. Whereas he’s selling his soul for the sake of a few YouTube hits. Ultimately, he’s making a fool out of himself … acting like a retard. Good luck to him.”


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